Doraemon, a cat robot, traveled back in time from the 22nd century to watch over Noby who’s a good kid but terrible at sports, never studies, and has an incredible capacity for slacking off. Doraemon tries to help Noby with nice but often unpredictable gadgets from his 4th dimensional pocket as Noby’s clumsy and always getting into trouble. Can Doraemon solve the problems and change Noby’s fortune for the better?


1. Meet Doraemon
2. The Robo-Pen
3. Cake Farmers
4. Fishing with Gadgets
5. The Anything Egg
6. The Super Toothbrush
7. Robot Legs
8. Swimming in Pictures
9. The Mail-bot
10. The Personal Train
11. The Jump Bow
12. Building a Robot
13. Magic Pictures
14. Cloud-Skis and Cloud-Shoes
15. Paper, Rock… Box?
16. Growing Up Quick


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